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Institutional Purpose

  1. CIE's approaches have a keen appreciation of the regional aspirations and challenges.

  2. We make quality tertiary education conveniently available to all in the SADC region.

  3. We facilitate undergraduate and postgraduate student applications and enrollments into globally recognised, impactful and affordable online education.

  4. We provide online career guidance, counselling and support services to prospective students and those enrolled through us. 

Who are we?

CIE is one of the latest players in the provision of tertiary education in Southern Africa. Our loyalties are not to the past but the future. We adopt the latest practices and overcome the limitations of the established tertiary education services institutions.

What does CIE do in SADC?

CIE is a bridge to positive futures through accessing world-class tertiary education opportunities.

Our partner educational services providers and universities enable students to overcome geographical and socioeconomic boundaries. They empower students to acquire survival and thriving capabilities for personal and organisational applications.

The students form cross-cultural and worldwide connections, engage in mutual issue resolution liaisons and develop global problem solving contacts.

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