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  1. Who are we?


Centre for International Education owned by Adviser Investments (Pty) Ltd,  incorporated in Botswana. It is 60% citizen-owned. CIE is the latest player in the provision of tertiary education in Botswana. Our loyalties are not to the past but the future. We adopt the latest practices and overcome the limitations of the established tertiary education services institutions. 

  1. Institutional purpose.

  1. CIE's approaches have a keen appreciation of the national aspirations and challenges.

  2. We make quality tertiary education conveniently available to all in the nation.

  3. We facilitate undergraduate and postgraduate student applications and enrollments into globally recognised, impactful and affordable online education.

  4. We provide online career guidance, counselling and support services to prospective students and those enrolled through us. 

  1. Partner universities.

  • Solent University, Southampton, United Kingdom

  • Anglia Raskin University, London, United Kingdom

  • University of Lincoln, England, United Kingdom

  • University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), United Kingdom

  • Middlesex University, North London, United Kingdom

We are prioritising the following programmes:

  1. The Master of Business Administration in either Business and Administrative Management / Business Strategic Management

  2. The Bachelors in either Accounting & Finance /Business Management / Entrepreneurship and Management

  3. The Bachelors in either IT and Computing / IT and Ecommerce /IT and Networking / IT and Web Design  

  1. Governance and stewardship.


A Council of four members is responsible for institutional oversight and stewardship including:

  • governance

  • stakeholder liaison and communication 

  • resourcing and performance

  • excellence in service and delivery ethos

Contacts us.

Actualise your growth intentions, start the conversation with us:

  • Expression of interest

  • What are you interested to study?

  • Bachelors, masters, or doctorate?

  • When do you intend to start studying?

  • Our offices are at Plot 54368, Western Commercial Road, Ground & First Floor, The Hub, iTowers, Central Business District, Gaborone. 

  • Our postal address is Box 794 AAH, Gaborone, Botswana. Our contact telephones are XXX. Our email is XXXX

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